Connection. That’s what Hunter Woman is all about. When there is connection other beautiful things develop and grow. Empathy, kindness, understanding, compassion, love and acceptance. One woman humbly sharing with another their individual journey of success, pain, joy, loss and hope. Honest, open and genuine sharing of experiences has a profound impact on others. We connect. We belong. We inspire. We are not alone anymore. Others have walked this road before us and our journey, as unique as it is, does not have to be travelled alone. Opening ourselves up to others takes great courage. Being genuine and honest can make us feel vulnerable and yet it is often in those deepest moments of vulnerability when strong connections are made. Our hearts open and we become aware of new paths, new experiences and new found friends. Sometimes it’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it. You’re worth it.

Hunter Woman is a platform for women. Articles and advertorials will be focused on women. Featured businesses will promote services for women. Please contact us if you would like to contribute an article or promote a business service.