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Taking time out for yourself

Effort = Success

Serenity Sounds is a local micro business that was established through the NEIS Program in late 2014. Founder, Sherynne Smith, had escaped domestic and family violence and was in the early stages of rebuilding her life after many years in the corporate world.

‘As a result of the abuse I suffered I learned self-care techniques to assist me in dealing with the stress and I slowly began to gain resilience and increase my self-confidence which had taken a mighty battering’, says Sherynne.

Today Serenity Sounds provides a range of different services that all ensure women take time for themselves. The services range from free events to private appointments for a fee. Sherynne is also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and an Intimo Bra Fitting Specialist.

Serenity Sounds other services include:

  • ‘Sound Therapy’ Relaxation groups, corporates and private appointments for individuals
  • ‘Outdoor Earthing & Forest Bathing’ Relaxation groups
  • Chakra Healing
  • Shamanic Divination Readings
  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy Massage
  • Raw Food Classes
  • Denim & Mandala Art Therapy
  • Public Speaking, Retreats & Workshops

Sherynne tells us, ‘I love hearing women say “Aaaah! That feels better!” after a relaxation group or when I have fitted them in the right bra. In that moment, I know their breast care is looked after. Studies show wearing an ill-fitting bra especially when the cup size is too small causes lymphatic drainage issues and is attributed to breast cancer so making sure my client’s bra fits properly is imperative to women’s health! During a breast health consultation I can also introduce my clients to the overall health benefits of Aromatherapy through doTERRA Essential Oils. The Number 1 supplier of essential oils in the world.’

‘The diversity of my business services means I can build a deep and lasting relationship with my clients, some of whom use a range of Serenity Sounds services’, says Sherynne who goes on to say, ‘It is true when they say, work smarter not harder’! Diversify. Offer client’s a range of solutions that improve their life regardless of the industry you work in. Do it right and do it well. Build strong, ongoing relationships. Book them in every time you provide a service they benefit from. For me, this can be their next bra fitting and order. Find tangible ways to keep in touch. The Formula I have been living my life by as I rebuild it from scratch in the past couple of years has been, EFFORT = SUCCESS. I prove it in my business again and again.’

So, how about you? Would you like to receive the Serenity Sounds Service too? Perhaps you would prefer a doTERRA Essential Oil Consultation or a Serenity Sounds Sound Therapy Relaxation, a Shamanic Divination Stone Reading or Chakra Healing or a soothing Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage. Or perhaps you would like to purchase a package Gift Voucher for someone you love.

Call Sherynne today on 0409 578 852 to choose what you love.