5 Ways to Conquer Self Doubt

The Female’s Guide to Self Validation

You want to start a new health and fitness plan, create a new business or apply for a role on the kids school committee. Everyone around you is saying ‘Go for it! You can do it!’, yet you still hold back. You take the safe option. You are not convinced.

We listen to our own head. And it’s trained to be negative. We need others to encourage and validate us, (which isn’t a bad thing), but wouldn’t it be great if we could find this power within ourselves?

Without even realising it, women often call on their inner strengths and abilities when challenging situations arise; identifying and tapping into these qualities can help women perform well any time they’re faced with new experiences or when they are exiting their comfort zones.

There are many strategies that women can use to maximise their assets. One of the most powerful is learning to source stillness within themselves in any new exciting, challenging or difficult situation.

Tania’s background as a professional actor has given her a unique insight into how to do this. “Combining acting methodologies with human resource strategies results in another form of mindfulness that is really more about awareness of self.”

Tania’s Tips for Conquering Self Doubt

  • Acknowledge the positive qualities others can quickly identify in you but you are not so sure of yourself.
  • Recognise the qualities you love about yourself and those you would like to spend more time developing.
  • Learn how to source stillness within to tap into your resources even in chaotic, challenging or anxiety inducing situations.
  • Acknowledge how and when you have called on inherent abilities in past tricky or difficult situations.
  • Rely on your own internal validation and take on board any other external validation as an extra added bonus.

Want to learn more? Tania is running workshops to share these strategies with other women. As part of the workshop, participants will receive a take home workbook with activities to remind them of the strategies they can implement in times of self-doubt. The workbook contains a series of links to webinars and also check-ins with Tania.


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